Town Apps FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

The cost to set up your town is €15,000. This may be paid for through funding, sponsorship or a combination of both. We can assist you in funding applications and presentation materials for sponsors.

As with any app, there are ongoing maintenance and support costs. We charge 15% of the set up cost per annum, €2250. We cover the first year, this cost is then deducted from transactional revenues generated by the app every other year. The app pays for itself.

Once you have your team in place we will provide you with comprehensive training including all aspects of mapping hikes and trails, creating events and offers, push notifications, content creation and social media marketing of your app.

We review the app with our partners on an ongoing basis. Whilst adding new functionality is a costly business, we do have a technical road map and will be adding new features as we evolve the product.

New features must be useful to all users and improve the overall experience. There is no additional development cost to towns for new functionality and improvements.

No. Once you can write an email, you can update the app and send alerts and push notifications. Mapping is a little more advanced, but training is provided.

Once funding is secured, this tends to be the longest part of the process, and all content is gathered, we begin working with you to populate your app. This can take up to 6 weeks.

We then need a futher two weeks to submit to the app stores and get approval. Once approved by Apple and Google, your app is reaady to download.

The technology behind the app and the I.P. is owned by Booniverse Limited. You, as a local partner are the licencee of the App for your location in perpituity.

The app can generate revenues in 3 ways.

  1. Booking Fees on Events: Event organisers can sell tickets via the app. These ticket sales generate a booking fee which we split with you 50:50.
  2. Offers: Local businesses can create offers on the app, there is a fee to do so, again, we split this fee with you 50:50.
  3. You may decide to charge businesses in your locality for listings, this is your decision and we can help to advise. We would get 20% of the listing fee.

Our share of ongoing revenues is required to enable us to invest in new features and functionality, provide support and continue to improve the app over time.

It couldn’t be easier, just pick up the phone or drop us a line, we will take it from there. You can just click here to get in contact with us !